Greenpoint's BBJ 777X interior concept, Zen, brings luxury and relaxation to flight with seamless connectivity and bespoke details that set the interior apart from traditional private business jets.

The Zen interior achieves an elegant, calming cabin environment. Each space offers the highest level of function and adaptability, with adjustable lighting and advanced technology concealed throughout the cabin within the bespoke cabinetry. Whether traveling for business or leisure, the Zen interior provides a comfortable, serene oasis for all passengers onboard.

Zen features an expansive, flowing main cabin with glass-enclosed jewel box gardens thoughtfully positioned throughout the interior. Each garden is equipped with climate control technology, housing trees and organic elements designed to evoke the senses and provide a meditative environment.

Bold, artistically etched feature walls surround a sunken seating area comprising of two oversized couches and adjustable side tables. A delicate pearl LED lighting fixture provides a touch of elegance. Swivel bird cage chaises with rose gold details are positioned on the perimeter of the lounge to offer additional seating.

The Social Lounge features oval-shaped bar seating surrounding a large glass-enclosed atrium. Internally lit chaise lounges are built into the sidewalls, offering an ideal space for passengers to relax.

Bespoke, hand-sheered carpet mimics the sand of a Japanese Zen Garden, flowing throughout the interior with a wave-like texture and fiber-optic lighting. The interior presents a neutral design palette featuring light walnut and Carrera marble with rose gold, high-gloss black, and pastel accents.