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Greenpoint is a profitable, growing organization that designs, engineers, builds, and delivers custom aircraft interiors for corporations, Heads of State and ultra-high-net-worth individuals. Established in 1987, we are known around the world for our innovation, craftsmanship and ability to deliver beautiful, turnkey aircraft on time with the utmost quality. Company headquarters are in Bothell, Washington, with VIP cabinetry facilities in Denton, Texas, a commercial manufacturing facility in Marysville, Washington, and a modification facility in Moses Lake, Washington. Greenpoint is proud to be part of Safran. If you’re interested in joining our team and building a career at Greenpoint, please apply by following the link below

Greenpoint is hiring teammates in the following fields

Pierre Vignal

Pierre Vignal is the Vice President of Engineering at Greenpoint and Safran’s Custom Cabin Division. Vignal is a global senior leader with more than fifteen years of experience in the aviation industry. Pierre is currently hiring motivated individuals to join Greenpoint’s growing engineering organization.

Annika Svore Wicklund

Annika Svore Wicklund heads Greenpoint’s award-winning Design Team. Over the course of fifteen years with Greenpoint, Annika has led many exquisite aircraft interior programs including the world’s first V-VIP BBJ3, 747-8, 787-8 and 787-9. Annika is actively seeking inspirational designers to join her team.

Justin Morigeau

Justin Morigeau serves as the Vice President of Production for Greenpoint and Safran’s Custom Cabin Division. Justin joined Greenpoint in November 2013, following a career in Program Management at The Boeing Company. As the head of Greenpoint’s modification facility in Moses Lake, Washington, Justin is currently in search of dedicated, results-focused individuals to join the team.

Kim Santeford

Kim Santeford leads Greenpoint’s Quality organization. Greenpoint has established tools and processes to ensure the highest level of quality in all products and services. The Quality team is hiring proactive individuals dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation.

Marina Pisker

Program Management
Marina Pisker is the head of Program Management at Greenpoint and Safran’s Custom Cabin Division. Marina is hiring individuals interested in managing large scale programs while maintaining effective relationships.

Aaron Jones

Supply Chain Management
Aaron Jones is the Vice President of Supply Chain for Greenpoint Technologies. Aaron and his team are actively hiring dedicated individuals to join the supply chain organization.

Sandra Hollenbeck

Human Resources
Sandra Hollenbeck leads the Human Resources team at Greenpoint. Sandra supports all HR functions within Greenpoint and is seeking team-oriented individuals to join the HR and recruiting teams.

Chad Thorne

Sales & Marketing
Chad Thorne serves as Greenpoint’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing, managing global sales, marketing and client support for V-VIP and Head of State aircraft interiors. Chad joined Greenpoint in 2011 and has nearly thirty years of experience in the aerospace and defense industries.

Sean Kooley

Finance & IT
Sean Kooley has been with Greenpoint since 2003, serving as Greenpoint’s Vice President of Finance & IT. Sean is looking for motivated individuals to support Greenpoint’s accounting practices and IT organization.
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We seek individuals interested in a collegial, team inspired atmosphere. The passion we have for our programs is derived from the devotion of our employees. Greenpoint is a Safran Company.