Greenpoint’s award-winning Retreat interior achieves a timeless, interactive cabin equipped with progressive technologies and luxuries inspired by a world-class spa retreat. Greenpoint Design incorporated biophilic and wellness trends to create a serene, healthy interior cabin with sustainable details.

“We recreated the experience of a luxury spa retreat. The Retreat interior brings together organic forms, live greenery and progressive, intuitive technology. The atmosphere is serene and modern – designed to encourage relaxation and self-care priorities. The result is a wellbeing haven, wherever you are in the world!” explains Annika Svore Wicklund, Greenpoint Design Director.
Greenpoint’s Retreat interior features a timeless, interactive main cabin ideal for socializing, relaxing and entertainment. Oversized, outboard-facing OLED monitors display curated videos of the destination, views from external high definition (HD) cameras or in-flight entertainment. Key design elements include white, high-gloss architecture accented by sustainable oak, tactile velvets and scalloped details. Organic greenery and soft LED lighting are diffused to promote a rejuvenating atmosphere. Inspired by flowing water, the cabin ceiling features a panel system with a high-gloss metallic finish reminiscent of a river meandering throughout the interior.
Greenpoint’s Retreat interior achieves a modern, relaxing atmosphere ideal for a distinguished world traveler. Each room offers an opportunity to unwind and relax, with advanced technology discretely concealed within the bespoke cabinetry. Whether traveling for business or leisure, the Retreat interior offers a sophisticated oasis for all owners and guests onboard.