Greenpoint’s 747-8 Gyrfalcon interior achieves both a corporate and personal atmosphere, embracing the experience of business and private travel. The VIP lounge flows into an expansive dining and conference room, perfect for meetings and entertaining.

Additional features include supplementary seating and a private office in the aft of the interior, offering a quiet, productive space perfect for meetings. Artful and functional, the use of technology is present in each room for privacy or entertainment.
The upper deck of the aircraft presents a media studio, library and Greenpoint’s patented Aeroloft®, which provides custom sleeping suites above the main deck. The 747-8 Gyrfalcon interior also features Greenpoint’s Aerolift™, which is an elevator that permits secure access from the ground to the main deck of the aircraft.
Dynamic forces of flight and pattern are inspired by the wings of a Gyrfacon (Falco rusticolus), the largest falcon species known for its long-distance flights. Typically, the Gyrfalcon was reserved for Kings and Nobles. The interior of this 747-8 VIP BBJ aircraft was designed to embody the magnificence of this regal falcon.