16 May 2023

Greenpoint Debuts 1/20th Scale V-VIP BBJ 777X Interior Model at EBACE

Greenpoint Technologies (Greenpoint), a premier business jet completion center, debuts a new 1/20th scale V-VIP BBJ 777X interior model at the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE) in Geneva, Switzerland, 23 through 25 May, at booth #A72.

Greenpoint’s exhibition will showcase a remarkable 1/20th scale BBJ 777X cutaway model featuring the Zen interior. Meticulously curated by the renowned Greenpoint Design team, the Zen interior offers an exclusive retreat for the sophisticated jetsetter seeking a profound connection with nature. Embracing the graceful flow of a Japanese Zen Garden, Greenpoint designers incorporated organic elements including biophilia and sustainable, natural materials to cultivate a serene and harmonious environment. The result is a modern and technologically advanced aircraft cabin epitomizing tranquility.

“With the B777X’s abundant space, impressive range, and unmatched comfort, the design possibilities are limitless. The Zen interior delivers luxury and relaxation in flight, seamlessly integrating connectivity and bespoke details that elevate it beyond traditional business jets,” explains Greenpoint’s Senior Design Director, Annika Svore Wicklund.

The Zen interior design concept is currently shortlisted for the esteemed Private Jet Design Concept Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2023. The public are invited to cast their votes in support of Greenpoint's Zen interior at until 17:00 BST on Wednesday, 7 June.

Greenpoint exhibits at EBACE 2023 as the company remains actively engaged in several prestigious projects. Greenpoint’s VP of Sales & Marketing, Chad Thorne, remarks, “Over the past year, we witnessed a steady recovery and restored confidence in the V-VIP completion and refurbishment markets, and a significant increase in Head-of-State (HOS) programs. As part of this recovery, undisclosed clients awarded Greenpoint two (2) V-VIP B787-9 interior completions, one (1) Boeing BBJ Refurbishment, and multiple HOS programs, each a testament to the trust our clients place in our ability to deliver on our promises. Meanwhile, Greenpoint Design continues to develop custom interior concepts catering to the unique requirements of our diverse clientele.”
Greenpoint's Zen Interior Concept - Master Suite