18 January 2018

Greenpoint Celebrates Teamwork

Greenpoint Technologies and Greenpoint Aerospace celebrate an annual Teamwork Award by recognizing the following 2017 recipients; Riza Koropchak, Steven Lathrop, Todd Omert and Zach LaRue.

Teamwork is essential to Greenpoint’s success of delivering high quality, complex programs on time. Greenpoint’s Annual Teamwork Award provides an opportunity for employees to nominate and recognize team members who epitomize this fundamental value.
Riza Koropchak, Design Engineer, is Greenpoint’s overall Teamwork Award winner. Riza consistently provides continuous improvement feedback, and is eager to receive it herself. She is committed to empowering and developing coworkers, and fosters a positive environment by leading fun team building events. During employee onboarding, Riza trains, mentors and provides a great first impression of Greenpoint. A team member expressed, “I met Riza on my first day, and since the beginning she made me feel welcome, like I was already part of the team.”

Steven Lathrop, Materials Planning Supervisor, serves as an Internal Business Management System Auditor at Greenpoint’s production facility. Steve provides constructive feedback, troubleshoots issues and proactively communicates across facilities. Coworkers report Steve is never too busy to help a team member, follows up to ensure goals are met and frequently refers to successes as ‘team wins’.

Todd Omert, Production Supervisor, supports a range of assignments at Greenpoint’s cabinetry facility in Denton, Texas. Todd suggests engineering process improvements, promotes team relationship building and displays Greenpoint’s value of community service by leading external projects. A team member conveyed, “Todd is a cheerleader for Greenpoint and invigorates the team. His influence is highly valued.”

Zach LaRue, Maintenance Technician, works at Greenpoint’s maintenance, repair and overhaul facility in Denton, Texas. Zach regularly volunteers to support new programs and work extra hours to meet business needs. He is eager to enhance his skills, promote camaraderie and offer teammates help and feedback.

Each award recipient balances team and individual responsibilities, exhibits objectivity and openness to new views, gives and welcomes feedback, builds a positive team spirit and puts team success first. The award winners receive a bonus check, a trophy and their name added to the Teamwork plaque in Greenpoint’s lobby.
(Left) CEO Scott Goodey with 2017 Overall Teamwork Award Recipient Riza Koropchak & (Right) CEO Scott Goodey with 2017 Washington Teamwork Award Recipient Steven Lathrop
(Left) Vice President Trey Bryson with 2017 Texas Teamwork Award Recipient Todd Omert & (Right) Vice President Trey Bryson with 2017 Greenpoint Aerospace Teamwork Award Recipient Zach LaRue