2 February 2018

Greenpoint Obtains 787 Patent

Greenpoint Technologies receives a patent for a Boeing 787-floor structure system design.

The patent's scope is for a 787-flooring system which consists of a floor panel, two seat tracks and an intercostal that spans between and attaches to the seat tracks. The intercostal has an interface fitting which protrudes through the floor panel, providing customizable attach locations for aircraft monuments and furnishings. The patented floor system design is utilized on all Greenpoint’s 787 interior completions.

“The 787-floor system patent represents Greenpoint engineering’s ingenuity in coming up with a solution to improve the installation process by standardizing modifications to the 787’s unique floor structure, minimizing parts and reducing installation time. The robust flooring system supports custom interior configurations required by VIP Clients,” states Greenpoint Executive Vice President Bret Neely. This is Greenpoint’s fifth patented product.